Highlight Reel: September

While fall may have just officially started, summer seems like it ended a long time ago. No doubt these last few weeks have been busy for you, so just in case you missed any of our stories, here are five of Liquor.com’s best cocktails-and-spirits features from the past month.

Behind the Bar:

Master bartender and Liquor.com advisor Dale DeGroff mourns for some of his favorite New York bars that are long gone, but not forgotten.

Spirited Cooking:

Celebrate America’s native spirit bourbon by whipping up a batch of delicious bourbon balls from award-winning cookbook authors Matt and Ted Lee.

Farm to Drink:

Talented mixologist Charlotte Voisey hosts our latest video, about making sweet cocktails with perfectly ripe fruit.

Back to School:

Brush up on your liquor knowledge with our 10 Spirits 101 articles on the most popular alcohol categories, from absinthe and Scotch to gin.

Hot List:

Tart pomegranate tastes delicious in a range of fall concoctions, including complex cocktails, infused vodka and homemade grenadine.

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  • Terry Bovey posted 6 years ago

    Man,alot goin on here.I didn't realize that so much time had passed.Seems like it was just Summer.As the say "Time flies when we're havin fun!Hope all your summers went well for you.Please be safe in all your travels.Watch out for all the children that start School.Drive safely through those School Zones.My Very Best To Everyone,we all want to see you here again.Your friend from Tucson,Terry B.

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