Highlight Reel: April

Summer is finally around the corner (we promise). While you wait for the warm weather, catch up on some of our recent stories. Here are five of Liquor.com’s best cocktails-and-spirits features from the past month. See you at the beach!

A Double Shot:

We’ve found the perfect pairing for a tequila shot. Renowned author Wayne Curtis expounds on the joys of sipping the agave-based spirit along with a glass of the Mexican delicacy Sangrita.


The Skinny on Drinks:

Getting in shape for swimsuit season? No need to give up cocktails. Acclaimed writer Joanne Chen separates fact from fiction about low-cal imbibing.

A Taxpayer’s Liquor Guide:

Spend your tax refund on these spirited splurges, or get your accountant’s approval on our more modestly priced alternatives.

Take Me Out to the Bar Room:

Just in time for the beginning of the season, award-winning author and Liquor.com advisor David Wondrich unearths a classic baseball beverage.

A Cocktail Fool:

Trick your favorite drinking buddies with these two recipes that aren’t quite what they seem, created by talented mixologists and Liquor.com advisors Aisha Sharpe and Dushan Zaric.

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  • Terry Bovey posted 6 years ago

    What's this "skinny on drinks" mean? Hey we here in good old Tucson,Az. know enough that if you might choose any of these "skinny drinks',we want you all to be careful.We here in Tucson,Az. Want to see you all again real soon.Be safe,drink wisely,and,come on back and see all of us real soon.

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