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Hennessy Keeps Breaking New Ground With Its Master Blender’s Selection Series

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Hennessy continues to raise its game with the Master Blender’s Selection series.

Hennessy didn’t become an industry icon simply because it mastered its craft. Hennessy is the biggest name in cognac because it has maintained a standard of excellence for more than 250 years, even as the conditions surrounding Maison Hennessy have radically changed.

That’s what made the Hennessy Master Blender’s Selection series such a daring experiment. The remarkably consistent cognac put its hard-earned reputation on the line with a single-batch blend unlike anything Hennessy has made before.

In 2016, Hennessy released Master Blender’s Selection No. 1. Yann Fillioux, Hennessy’s seventh-generation master blender, selected somewhere between 80 and 100 eaux-de-vie to create a cognac reminiscent of bourbon, with notes of oak, almond, toffee and fruit.

You’ve never tasted anything quite like Hennessy Master Blender’s Selection No. 3.

The experiment was a huge success, with both cognac aficionados and newcomers raving about the new expression. After such a positive reaction, it would have been tempting for Hennessy to break its promise and make another batch of the bourbon-adjacent blend.

But Fillioux and the rest of the Hennessy team wanted Master Blender’s Selection No. 2 to be a departure from the previous year’s blend. Once finished, the new cognac featured a deliciously spicy profile, featuring notes of pepper, cinnamon and nutmeg. This bold new flavor managed to satisfy even the biggest fans of Master Blender’s Selection No. 1.

The third and latest single-batch series from Hennessy involved an entirely new challenge. After more than 50 years with Hennessy, Fillioux stepped down as master blender. Renaud Fillioux de Gironde was named the eighth-generation master distiller of Hennessy, inheriting the responsibility of creating a highly personal and imaginative new blend.

Hennessy is empowering its master blender to unleash his creativity.

Gironde rose to the challenge with Master Blender’s Selection No. 3. It’s the rare sequel that might be the best in the series. The cognac’s light sweetness will remind drinkers of pralines and hazelnuts. There’s a subtlety that speaks volumes about Gironde’s confidence and expertise as a blender. Master Blender’s Selection No. 3 is more than an incredible new expression from Hennessy; it’s a stunning self-portrait from Gironde.

Cognac fans are already excited to see how Hennessy will top itself with the fourth iteration in the series. But the main priority should be securing a bottle of No. 3 before it sells out—for good.

Whatever comes next is almost certainly going to taste great—Hennessy has earned that trust by now—but it will also be wildly different. And Hennessy Master Blender’s Selection No. 3 is too good to miss.

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