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Hendrick’s Announces Voyage By Giant Flying Cucumber

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At first glance, this 130-foot long, 44-foot tall flying cucumber with an all-seeing eye looks like science fiction. Upon closer inspection, you’ll find that it is, in fact, an air-worthy, cucumber-shaped blimp, complete with a bar that serves “the most exquisite cocktail in the sky, formulated specifically for enjoyment over 500 feet in the air.”

The vessel comes from Scottish-made Hendrick’s Gin, which uses cucumber as one of the botanicals to flavor its famed spirit. Hendrick’s is known for its over-the-top events and wacky stylings, but this is by far the most outlandish venture yet.


The Flying Cucumber in all its glory.

National brand ambassador Jim Ryan told The Drinks Business that it created popup airline Hendrick’s Air to offer “a return to the true glamour of air travel.” The blimp will travel at “civilized speeds of approximately 35 mph” less than 1,000 feet in the air so passengers can see the sights below while enjoying cocktails.

Want your own slice of action on the Flying Cucumber? From now until August, you can post your own photo of the cuke on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #HendricksGin and #CucumberChallenge to win a flight from one of 13 different cities across the U.S. Visit the Hendrick’s Air website for more information and check out photos taken from inside the veggie-inspired blimp at Examiner.com.

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