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Finally, You Can Get High-Quality Pinot Noir In a Can

Presented by Head High Wines

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Canned wine just makes sense. It gives you a chance to sip wine anywhere, whether you’re enjoying a day at the beach or spending the weekend camping, all without lugging around glasses and corkscrews.

So why is beer still the go-to drink for outdoor adventures? Because most canned wine has the same problem: the wine. Too many winemakers put cheap red blends in a can, thinking drinkers will gladly sacrifice quality for convenience.

Thanks to one Sonoma, Calif., winery, that’s not a choice you have to make any longer. Head High Wines is now selling its delicious pinot noir in cans.

Bill Price
Bill Price

It’s produced by world-famous pinot noir vintner Bill Price, a Hawaii native who can be found surfing when he isn’t making world-class wine. This pinot noir is his gift to adventurers who share his passion for delicious wine and the great outdoors.

Making it easy to enjoy pinot noir on the go isn’t the only way Head High Wines encourages an active, outdoor lifestyle. One dollar for every two bottles sold goes to environmental and education-focused nonprofits, so every glass of wine helps revitalize the ecosystem and community.

One of the vineyards Head High is sourced from in Sonoma, Calif.
One of the vineyards Head High is sourced from in Sonoma, Calif.

In case quality and convenience weren’t enough, Head High pinot noir is surprisingly affordable, at only $28 a four-pack. What’s keeping you from picking some up before your next adventure?

Go ahead and find out how well pinot noir pairs with the outdoors.

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