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Happy Hour in a Snack: Moscow Mule Potato Chips

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(image: Tim Nusog)

Kettle Foods is known for having some wild potato chip flavors, but this new one has gone to a whole different level: The beloved Moscow Mule cocktail is now officially available in chip form. (And they’re so deliciously addictive that we had to hide the bag that we bought for the photo shoot.)

Typically made of vodka, ginger beer and lime juice, the Moscow Mule has become a fast favorite over the last few years. Its increasing popularity caught the attention of the “flavor architects” at Kettle, who then decided to create a nonalcoholic potato chip variation that everyone can enjoy.


Although the snack version may not have a generous shot of vodka found in its cocktail namesake, the flavor is still true to form. The chips taste of ginger and lime and come packaged in a copper-colored metallic bag to represent the drink’s famous companion cup.

Released alongside another new flavor, Korean barbeque, the unique chip varieties have a special point of inspiration. Kettle brand, which is based in Salem, Ore., says the new flavors are a tribute to “bar menus in foodie hot spots like our home near Portland.”

Besides having great flavor, you can even feel good eating this one-of-a-kind snack. The chips are Project Non-GMO verified, gluten-free and made without any artificial ingredients. The 8.5-ounce bags are expected to sell for $3.79 apiece, so try to snag one while they’re still on the shelves!


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