Grandparents Drinking Moonshine For the First Time Are Hilarious

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(image: Southern Living)

Our grandparents are full of wisdom, what with their years of experience and storied histories. Many of them may have even lived through Prohibition, an era that called for some pretty inventive ways to create and distribute booze. One such way was the production of moonshine, a high-proof distilled spirit that was most often clear, unaged whiskey. Southern Living hosted a taste test of the Prohibition-style booze for a group of grandparents recently, and their reactions (especially their facial expressions) were amazing.

Notoriously known for its high-proof and distinct smell, “hooch” was illegal in the United States until 2010. With its recent introduction to the mainstream market, Moonshine has had a popularity resurgence and can be purchased at your local liquor store in flavors such as peach, raspberry or lemonade. It can also be used to make a great cocktail.

Whether you drink moonshine straight like these brave souls or prefer it mixed in a drink, we can all agree that we’re glad that the 18th Amendment was repealed.

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