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Gin & Tonic Marmalade Is Here To Save Your Breakfast From Boring

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(image: Firebox)

It’s safe to say that toast hit peak culinary popularity in the past few years. So we can’t help but appreciate that spreadable favorites like jam are also booming in popularity. It’s the ultimate comfort food, complimenting everything from toast to peanut butter sandwiches to cocktails. There’s even peanut butter and jelly bourbon these days.

London online retailer Firebox is taking marmalade to the next level with its gin and tonic marmalade. The preserve is made with 3 percent artisan gin in addition to sugar, lemon, water and quinine extract. The alcohol is cooked off entirely in the creation process, so no need to worry about a hangover after gorging on that toast.

Unfortunately, Firebox can’t ship the product to the U.S. right now due to alcohol restrictions, but U.K. residents can order some for £10 ($14). Luckily, we can still pick up some cocktail glitter, gin pong or this cool Stormtrooper Decanter instead.

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