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Gadget Guide: Pro Tools

We admit it: We’ve sinned. For years, as we sat in our favorite watering holes sipping cocktails, we were secretly coveting the glassware, furnishings and general décor. But there’s no need to be jealous any more. We found a few ways to get that bar look at home. Cheers!

The Perfect Stool:

New Brooklyn spot The Shanty, co-owned by Liquor.com advisory board member Allen Katz, has an industrial-chic style, right down to its steel stools. Fortunately, while most of the joint’s fixtures were custom-designed, you can order the stools ($88) online.


A Classy Garnish:

We’ve always admired New York institution Employees Only’s elegant flip-top stainless-steel containers that hold a range of ingredients. Co-owner and Liquor.com advisory board member Dushan Zaric revealed to us that they’re actually sugar bowls ($12) and are easy to find.

Coupes & Irish Coffee:

You probably already have good Martini and Old Fashioned glasses, but what about other tipples? Mike Ryan, head bartender at the acclaimed Sable Kitchen & Bar in Chicago, suggests picking up some of Libbey’s durable and affordable coupes ($4 each), which he uses to serve many of his concoctions. Ryan also says a set of the brand’s Georgian Irish Coffee vessels ($4 each; pictured above) are handy for stirred cocktails and flips.

A Brawny Blender:

Whether you’re crushing ice for Mint Juleps or fixing a frozen Strawberry Daiquiri, you need a powerful blender. Alex Day, co-owner of drinks consultancy Proprietors LLC, recommends the BlendTec line. “They’re amazing machines,” he says. The sturdy Total Blender Classic Series FourSide ($435) even comes with an “Ice-Crushing Guarantee.”

Brighten Up the Back Bar:

One way to showcase your collection of spirits is to get a translucent three-tiered display shelf that lights up ($160), which can hold about a dozen bottles. And if you prefer a less flashy look, you can also buy a version without a light ($57).


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