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Furry Mousers Make Purrfect Addition to Scottish Distillery

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For decades, Glenturret Distillery’s guests have been able to enjoy interactive distillery tours and tasting experiences—and now, kitten cuddling is also part of that package.

The team at Glenturret is excited to welcome two feline additions to the distillery, where visitors will be able to interact with them during The Famous Grouse Experience. The kittens—aptly named Glen and Turret—are the site’s newest “Official Mousers.” They fill the void left by the distillery’s last mouser, Peat, and continue the long tradition of distillery cats.


The younger of the two male kittens, Glen, is described as shy and inquisitive, while Turret is more mischievous.

“They balance each other out purr-fectly and we now have twice the virtual mousing capacity with our new furry distillery duo,” said Stuart Cassells, general manager of The Famous Grouse Experience, in a press release.

For now, the kittens are free to explore the grounds under the watch of the stillmen and greet guests as they please.

Glen and Turret will be doing their important work under the gaze of a statue commemorating Towser the Mouser, the greatest mouser in the distillery’s history (and in the world, according to Glenturret staff). Towser caught 28,899 mice during her 24 years at Glenturret—those are big paws to fill.

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