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From Gummy Bears to Alfredo Pasta, Rosé is Everywhere This Summer

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Ah, what a time to be alive—that is, if you’re obsessed with rosé.

If you haven’t noticed by now, we’re deep in the rosé invasion and have been for quite some time now. Within the last year, the world has served up rosé gummy bears, rosé-infused chocolate bars and even an award-winning bottle of the stuff for only $8.


There’s more. We’ve seen drive-thrus dedicated to the pink wine open in the Hamptons and an exclusive wine club debut full of loyal fans of—you guessed it—rosé. And now, you can even buy childhood favorites like ice cream and ice pops in a rosé flavor.

And just few weeks ago, a chef debuted his Rosé Alfredo recipe. It was about time this trend turned up in an entrée to compliment all of the rosé treats we’ve overindulged in the past few months.

What’s next for the rosé trend? Who knows? Maybe rosé-flavored toothpaste or rosé cereal could be grabbing headlines soon.

Still looking for a little more? Here are other ways to indulge in rosé this summer:


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