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French Fries Are The Perfect Pairing For Champagne

Image: Wikimedia

Champagne isn’t just for celebratory occasions and boozy brunches anymore. Sparkling wine is getting more accessible, with entire bars dedicated to the bubbly drink and variations like prosecco and cava on the rise in popularity.

And what if the perfect Champagne pairing was actually America’s favorite junk food? That’s what Marie-Christine Osselin, Moët & Chandon‘s wine quality and communication manager, claimed this week. While speaking at a Moët & Chandon wine dinner, Osselin said that the saltiness and crunchiness of french fries are actually the best way to compliment Champagne’s zesty acidity and its fine bubbles.

She also said that the simpler a dish, the better the pairing for Champagne. The key is fewer ingredients.

We know what we’re doing for dinner tonight.