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Four Loko Is Entering the Liquor Business

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Four Loko is back. The creator of the banned caffeine- and booze-infused “blackout in a can” has expanded into the hard liquor market with neon Four Loko Shots.

Four Loko Shots in 750 milliliter bottles are available in three flavors: lemon drop Screwball, cinnamon-apple Dragon’s Breath and green apple Green Tornado. All the flavors clock in at 70 proof, or 35 percent ABV (about the same as other hard liquors), so hopefully they won’t cause quite as many regrets as the original Four Loko drinks. The vibrant liquors can be taken straight as shots (as the name suggests) or mixed into cocktails to add an extra boozy punch of color.


“Four Loko’s unabashed reputation always made the expansion into spirits attractive to us,” says Phusion Projects’ V.P. of sales for wine and spirits, Gerry Macchia. “A Four Loko hard liquor had to be created in a manner authentic to the brand. One example is the use of experience-based names to describe what it feels like to take the shot, as opposed to simply the flavor.”

The shots join a lineup of Four Loko malt beverages in flavors ranging from Gold (the taste of which is vaguely described on the website as “Tastes like Gold. Not much more we can say”) to strawberry lemonade. The shots will be available where alcohol is sold nationwide, and you can tune in to Four Loko’s Facebook Live release party on May 18 to watch the official launch.

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