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5 Floral Spirits You Should Be Drinking Now

Flowers are lovely to look at and even better to sip.

collage of floral spirits bottles on an off-white background

Liquor.com / Laura Sant

Plenty of bartenders like working with edible flower garnishes or infusing blooms into liqueurs to make cocktails that are both romantic and aromatic. And now you can make floral cocktails without fuss.

This crop of flowery spirits and liqueurs is perfect for perfumed drinks with nuanced flavor profiles that suggest the best of a springtime bouquet. Take your pick of these five now.

1. Geranium Gin ($40)

Geranium Gin bottle
Liquor.com / Laura Sant

Made in England, this London-dry-style gin has a delicate floral cast. The geranium it’s named for mingles mild citrus aromatics with a gentle rosewater sweetness, giving way to a brisk, mildly peppery finish. Try it in a flowery variation on a traditional Gimlet or Collins.

2. Grand Poppy ($32)

grand poppy bottles
Liquor.com / Laura Sant

From Greenbar Distillery, a Los Angeles producer of organic spirits, this amaro-style liqueur imparts a subtle perfume to bitter classics, like Negronis or Boulevardiers. Like its namesake bloom, it has a rosy hue and a mix of bitter and bold floral notes. You can also feel good about the distillery’s pledge to plant a tree for every bottle it sells.

3. Hana Gin ($20)

Hana Gin bottles
Liquor.com / Laura Sant

Hana is Japanese for “flower,” as the orchid etched into the teardrop-shaped bottle suggests. The gin is made on Treasure Island in San Francisco and distilled with only four botanicals: lavender, orange peel, lemon peel and juniper. Look for delicate white floral notes, finishing crisp and fresh. Try it in a flowery take on a Gin & Tonic.

4. Peony Vodka ($27)

Peony Vodka bottle
Liquor.com / Laura Sant

This vodka from New York’s scenic Hudson Valley has its namesake lush bloom on the bottle’s label and the sweet, lingering notes of marshmallow and coconut inside. Unlike its more flowery counterparts, it has just the faintest suggestion of white flowers on the smooth finish. Its producer recommends it for Vodka Tonics.

5. Songbird Flora ($27)

Songbird Flora
Liquor.com / Laura Sant

From craft producer Cardinal Spirits, this golden liqueur mixes elderflower and jasmine blossoms with raspberries and a touch of hibiscus. It’s full of almond and vanilla sweetness with bright berry and playful floral notes on the finish. With a splash of lemon and soda, it makes a delightful Spritz.