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Flaviar’s New App Helps Users Virtually “Taste” Spirits

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Having trouble finding just what you need in the liquor store? Flaviar—a growing members-only club of spirits enthusiasts—unleashed a new boozy app last month that can help.

Also called Flaviar, the app turns often mundane tasting notes into illustrated fun with its “Flavour Spiral” feature, which gives a combined visual and olfactory experience for each spirit in its database.


To bring the feature to fruition, Flaviar had to first consult with spirits experts and connoisseurs to develop comprehensive tasting notes for a database of thousands of spirits. Then, an artist designed visuals for 252 flavor components. By showing visuals of the flavor profiles that make up a particular drink, the app helps users get as close to tasting a bottle of booze as they can without actually buying a bottle and taking a swig.

Users can browse through a database of trivia, tasting and production information for over 10,000 spirits, as well as reviews and ratings from more than 600,000 users. Enthusiasts can also build their own virtual bars with Flaviar and expand their home bars by ordering bottles—including some that are relatively hard to find in stores—or tasting packages through the app.

Flaviar is currently available for download on Apple devices—Android users, stay tuned! A version of Flaviar is in the works for you too.


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