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Fireball Rolls Out a New “Firebox” Package for Tailgate Season

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Fireball has given drinkers everywhere an early holiday present: The beloved red-hot cinnamon whisky is now available in box dispensers.

Dubbed Firebox, the new package looks suspiciously like Franzia-style boxed wine, that perennial favorite found in suburban fridges and college parties. Perfect for holiday gatherings and tailgate parties, the new box aims to minimize preparation time for boozy beverages. It could even work as a last-minute gift during the upcoming holiday season.


Priced at $60, Firebox contains two 1.75-liter pouches of spiced-up Canadian whisky. The box includes a few recipes printed on label, in case you’re stumped for drink ideas. And here’s the best part: The box comes with not just one but two spouts for double the fun!

Only one question remains: Are you ready to slap the whisky bag?

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