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6 Fireball Whisky Drinks to Light Up Your Weekend

Whether you buy it in bulk or make a DIY knockoff at home, Fireball Cinnamon Whisky continues to spread its fiery plume of domination across the American bar scene like a comet in the night sky.

You’ve likely guzzled the blazing liquid in countless shots, but have you explored its cocktail capabilities? Shock and wow with these fire-breathing recipes that mimic a beloved breakfast cereal, fresh apple pie and fall in a glass.

1. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shot

Breakfast and the bar rarely mingle due to their opposing schedules. But if you believe that cereal is a meal best enjoyed without time constraints, then you’ll be jazzed to discover this Cinnamon Toast Crunch–inspired shot. The simple formula? Equal parts Fireball whisky and RumChata—the creamy horchata-flavored liqueur—rimmed with cinnamon sugar.

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2. Foolproof Fall Cocktail

Foolproof is no exaggeration. This cocktail doesn’t require a complex shopping list or carefully carved garnishes. The main players are merely Fireball and hard cider. Sure, you can fancy up the glass with a cinnamon stick or apple slice, but let this new and improved Dynamic Duo handle all the talking.

3. Apple Pie on the Rocks

No need to pre-heat: If your baking skills are meager at best, churn out a perfectly drinkable pie facsimile instead. Fireball lends cinnamon firepower while vanilla vodka and apple juice channel the aroma of baked apples wafting from the kitchen. Serve with extra cinnamon and a brown sugar rim—your oven never has to know.

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4. Fireball Pumpkin Spice Coffee

If you abandoned ship on the pumpkin craze long ago, skip along to number five. But if you’re still full steam ahead with a stash of pumpkin puree by your side, you’ll want this cocktail in your arsenal. Here’s why: Fireball meets hot coffee, milk, pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice and maple syrup to create an explosive mug that’s just caffeine-laden and spice-addled enough to keep you going through anything—come blizzard, bar crawl or bachelorette party.

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5. Chai Fireball Whiskey Tea

Perhaps you prefer your Fireball unadulterated? In that case, your whisky needs a sidekick well-known for its sensitivity. Hot tea, coming right up. Prep a steaming teapot of chai, douse it with whisky and commence your weekly fireside chat.

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6. Cinnamon Old Fashioned

Three ingredients can produce one incendiary cocktail. Meet the auburn Old Fashioned of your dreams: straightforward, spicy and easily shaken into life in a red-hot second by merging Fireball, maple syrup and fresh orange juice. All you overly complicated coupes, wise up.