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Finland Said It’s Totally Fine To Get Drunk In Our Underwear

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There’s never a shortage of trendy suggestions for ways to live our lives. Recently, we’ve been told to “hygge,” which is the Danish way to embrace coziness, to “lagom,” a Swedish aspiration for a balanced life and to “Marie Kondo,” a name turned verb that translates, loosely, to decluttering. But we recently read about one lifestyle trend that finally resonates with us and one we truly believe we’ll actually follow through with.

It’s all about “kalsarikännit,” a Finnish term that the Finland Promotion Board defines as “getting drunk in your underwear, with no intention of going out.” You can read more about the magical phrase in the recently released book titled “Päntsdrunk,” a self-help guide to relaxation.



This Finnish phenomenon has been around for years, but the American fascination has been picking up since the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs created an emoji-based campaign around the term. Not only does “kalsarikännit” have its own emoji, there’s even a video explaining how to pronounce it.

From 100 reasons to get päntsdrunk to what to eat for dinner while you do it, the book has just about everything you could ask for. Get Päntsdrunk on Amazon today.

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