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8 Essential Cocktails for Father’s Day

Poor Dad. While Mom gets showered with flowers and eggs Benedict on her special day, Father’s Day has been reduced to a charcoal commercial: grill a steak, crack a beer, rinse, repeat.

We don’t know about you, but our fathers are way cooler and more interesting than this tired stereotype. So this year, we’re going to toast them with a drink that’s worthy of them. Below are a few options that will show Dad how much you appreciate him.

1. Sin Cyn

An elegant scotch cocktail can be difficult to achieve, thanks to the bold character of the liquor itself. This recipe demands balance and creates order while still being tough, much like a father figure—or Elliot Stabler.

2. Maraschino Snakebite

Let’s give dads a little more credit than the beer-guzzling Homer Simpson–style caricature. Pops’ palate is more refined than a six-pack of Bud, so it’s time to upgrade his beverage to this elegant beer-cider hybrid. It’s low in alcohol and way more refreshing than a can of Duff.

3. Black Pepper Gibson

Here’s your chance to show Dad you’ve flourished in adulthood as someone of class and substance. Make him this clean, savory riff on a Martini, and he’ll no doubt be impressed. But remember: Just one will do ya. (Fatherly pride stops when things get sloppy.)

4. Hemingway Daiquiri

When it comes to papas who like their liquor, Hemingway is at the top of the list. So why not treat Dad to the scribe’s own take on a Daiquiri, made with white rum, maraschino liqueur, grapefruit and lime juice.

5. Ferrari

Salute the man who taught you how to ride a bike and let you borrow his car by gifting him with a new ride. Not in your price range? Then settle for the next best thing: a round of Ferrari shots, featuring Campari and fernet.

6. Spazerac

The Sazerac is the Atticus Finch of cocktails: honest, balanced and a role model for all of the other drinks. But it’s not our first choice for June drinking, so we’re grateful for this variation, which takes the components of the classic to the blender. A Sazerac that’s appropriate for the pool? We never thought we’d see the day.

7. Ready Aim Fire

Firing up the grill on Father’s Day is traditional, but if you don’t want to go the barbecue route (pyromaniac? vegetarian?), rely on this cocktail to capture that essence, sans open flame and meat sweats. Mezcal provides smoky backbone, while a pineapple syrup and Bittermens Hellfire Habanero Shrub add sweetness and heat.

8. Summer Session Old Fashioned

Here’s a drink for the father who’s doesn’t take himself too seriously. If your traditional Old Fashioned is a straitlaced disciplinarian, then this pitcher cocktail, featuring plenty of citrus and thyme simple syrup, is all about dad jokes and letting you stay out past curfew.