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Farm to Drink: Sweet Concoctions

In these final few days of summer, it’s particularly important to make an effort to enjoy the last of the season’s ripe fruit. (There’s plenty of time this autumn and winter to sip straight whiskey and fix Manhattans.)

To help you mix up some delicious and refreshing cocktails, we asked award-winning bartender and Liquor.com contributor Charlotte Voisey to host a series of four short films for us. The first, just released, is Farm to Drink: Sweet Concoctions. (If you missed our previous video, check it out: Behind the Drink: The $13 Cocktail.)


On a beautiful sunny afternoon, we accompanied Voisey to San Francisco’s impressive Ferry Plaza Farmers Market to get her tips on finding the freshest and best ingredients. Then later, behind the bar, she whipped up a Raspberry Bellini and a Fresh Berry Delicious with her bounty, while dispensing practical and handy mixological wisdom the whole time.

So, watch our video and then get to muddling and shaking. Don’t delay, since fall is just around the corner…

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