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You Should Definitely Give Thanks for These 5 Fall Bourbons

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Everyone loves a bourbon now and again. Regardless of whether you are a scotch purist or not, there’s just something charming about sitting down to a nice bourbon. Check out these five bourbons to be thankful for.

1. E.H. Taylor, Jr. Small Batch ($56)


Named after Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor, one of the biggest producers who established the bourbon industry in the 1800s, this bourbon lives up to the name. Taylor was a pioneer of this spirit and created innovative techniques for making whiskey that are still used today. This is an expression he would be proud of.

It begins with a crisp, sweet nose, filled with ripe apples and thick, spicy treacle. The flavor softens as it goes along and becomes more creamy and vanilla in aroma. On the palate, the vanilla deepens, with certain wooded notes and a lovely warmth to it. There’s a hint of orchard fruits covered in caramel and honey. The finish is long and gentle, with lots of sweetness and a great warmth at the end.

2. Blanton’s Original Single Barrel ($55)

Taking inspiration from Colonel Albert B. Blanton, who first created this bourbon, Blanton’s is also produced at Buffalo Trace Distillery and has an amazing bottle to match the amazing spirit. The nose is packed with crystallized orange and lemon peels, producing a zesty and sweet flavor from the get-go. The fruits really stand out against the sweeter backdrop.

The palate is filled with vanillas and caramels, giving a wonderfully smooth and easy-going mouthfeel. The caramel is incredibly warming and goes well with the toasted oak flavor that also comes through. The finish lingers and gives one last dose of citrus tang for good measure.

3. Jefferson’s Reserve Groth Reserve Cask Finish ($86)

Matured in specially selected cabernet casks from the Groth Winery in California’s Napa Valley, this bourbon marries some fantastic flavors. The nose begins with the sweet, rich notes of the cabernet. There’s a slight hint of amaretto and vanilla, with a succulent undertone of raisins and apricots.

On the palate, these are joined by warming spices and sugary caramel flavours. This also gives a lovely smooth mouthfeel. The wine comes through really well with lots of spice and slightly wooded notes making an appearance. The finish is dry and sweet, with a long linger to round of perfectly.

4. Eagle Rare 10 Year ($39)

Eagle Rare 10 Year is a single-barrel bourbon made at Buffalo Trace Distillery and certainly does the brand proud. It’s wonderfully sweet and complex, with a nose that opens onto tangy citrus peel and toasted oak, recalling caramel and cinnamon. The sweetness and spice are perfect together, especially with the citrus to give is a nice bite.

The palate brings in more orchard fruit, with red apples and ripe bananas coming through. There’s also a great honey flavor that goes perfectly well with the wooded and fruity notes. The finish wraps up with a final dose of vanilla and oak wood spice.

5. Basil Hayden’s ($44)

Basil Hayden’s dates all the way back to 1796, as it proudly proclaims on the label. Today it’s still using the same recipe and making it in small batches. It’s a complex and delicious bourbon that’s full of flavor and body.

The nose begins with some slightly earthy tones and a cinnamon spice. There’s a slight tang to the scent. On the palate, this becomes fully realized in honey and spices. The honey gives it a smooth and easygoing mouthfeel that matches the easy-going flavor profile. The body is light and fresh, with the honey recalling a slightly wooded tone. The finish does not last long but wraps up the flavors swiftly and with a nice crisp bite to it.

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