Experts Confirm That “Beer Goggles” Aren’t Just a Myth

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It’s official! Scientists have confirmed what we’ve all known for years: Alcohol gets rid of shyness surrounding sex. New research out of Switzerland has found that beer drinking made it easier for study participants to exhibit sex-positive behavior.

In the study, researchers recruited 60 volunteers ages 18 to 50. Half of the participants were given a half-liter glass of alcoholic beer, while the other half were given the same amount of nonalcoholic beer. The subjects were then asked to complete a series of tasks, including a face recognition test, empathy test and sexual arousal test.

The study found that drinking beer helped participants feel more comfortable viewing sexually explicit images, identify happy faces and display heightened concern for positive emotional situations. Researchers concluded that alcohol’s effects on social cognition is also likely to enhance sociability.

The scientists noted different results for each gender, with male subjects being more prone to mood and behavior changes than women. Scientists explained this may be due to differences in blood alcohol concentration and tolerance levels.

Researchers believe that the findings provide a clearer explanation for the phenomenon informally known as “beer goggles”: finding other people much more attractive while under the influence of alcohol.



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