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5 Pioneering Ways to Reuse All Those Empty Bottles You Have

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Trash into treasure in a few easy steps.

The next time you think about throwing out that empty tequila bottle, stop. That bottle may be your ticket to a snazzier house.

Some people may not see the correlation between alcohol consumption and home decor, but empty liquor bottles can kill two birds with one stone for anyone who wants to get more value for the buck—while staying in high spirits. After all, many spirit companies spend time and energy into engineering their bottles in creative shapes and colors, so why throw them away once the liquor is gone? With some minor supplies, these bottles can be given a new life.


1. Vase/Planter

Sticking some roses into a wine bottle isn’t groundbreaking. Adding some color and some creativity to the process is. After removing the bottle’s label with soapy water and letting it dry, spray paint it any color you’d like. (If you’re short on time, use a paint that includes primer and gloss for a clean finish.) When the paint dries, leave as is or experiment by dipping the bottle another color of paint, creating patterns using a brush (or nail polish) or draping it in different textures.

If you’re looking for more permanent storage solutions for your small, unpotted plants, turn those bottles into a mini-planter. You’ll have to cut your bottle (be careful!) but after adding soil and your plant, you’re all set with some extra dollars in your pocket.

2. Candle

For a product that you literally burn through, candles can cost you a pretty penny. Why not save some dough and make your own? Using the same process we list above, cut your bottle, add some soy candle wax, some scented oil (optional), and you’re ready for your next date—or the apocalypse. (Feel free to decorate, too, but make sure your supplies are flame-proof!)

3. Lamp

Drinking in the dark may be a barfly’s preference, but adequate lighting does have its own special perks at home. A quick trip to a hardware store can turn the bottles left over after your last dinner party into awesome decor for your next dinner party. Pick up a lamp kit that will match the opening of your bottle and you’re done—after some simple wiring. Who said that extra bottle of wine was a bad idea?

If you’re looking for a project that takes less time to complete, drill a hole into your bottle and feed Christmas lights inside for an easy lighting solution for your gatherings.

4. Salt and Pepper Shakers

You already overpaid for those tiny liquor bottles during your hotel stay so make the most of them. For a couple bucks, you can season dinner with your own unique salt and pepper shakers. Blow all your funds at the minibar? If you have a drill, you can save the caps to make the shakers—without spending any more cash.

5. Tumbler

If a liquor bottle had its say, you can bet it would like nothing more than to be reincarnated as a cup to prolong your drinking delight. Lucky for all, this is possible. You already now know  how to cut your bottle, so after doing that, sand it down to make sure you don’t cut yourself when you’re sipping. Beyond those steps, your options are limitless. Remove the label or keep it. Snaz it up or keep it simple, it’s all up to you.

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