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The Secret Ingredient for the Best Old Fashioned

Presented by Elijah Craig

The Old Fashioned is a beloved classic for a reason. With only four ingredients, it’s easy to make. With its sweet, citrusy and smoky notes, it’s balanced. And considering that the cocktail has been enjoyed for centuries, it’s downright timeless.

The Old Fashioned’s simplicity has also made it a favorite for experimentation. Countless bartenders have swapped in a variety of spirits and added unconventional garnishes to update the classic. Despite all of those tweaks, though, one thing remains constant: The secret ingredient in any great Old Fashioned is smoke.

Bourbon, the spirit traditionally used in the cocktail, naturally has smoky notes, but you can up the smoke factor by making a drink that really spotlights it: the Smoke Signal Old Fashioned.

The cocktail puts Elijah Craig Small Batch bourbon, which won double gold and Best Small Batch Bourbon honors at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, front and center. But it’s not just perfect in the drink because it’s a great bourbon. Elijah Craig’s signature spice and subtle smoke flavor deliver the smoky flavor you want.

The smokiness doesn’t have to end with the bourbon, though. You can add another layer by using smoked bitters or a smoked cocktail garnish, or you can even invest in a cocktail-smoking box. Discover four easy ways to add smoke to any cocktail here.

Make sure your next Old Fashioned has the subtle warm spice, woodsy flavor and kiss of smoke it deserves.

Try the Smoke Signal Old Fashioned today.

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