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Is Perfume What’s Missing from your Cocktails?

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What happens when a bartender-turned-mad-scientist decides that drink flavors need enhancement and that we all need to “maximize our headspace”? A line of edible fragrance and a sensory experience that just might change the way we drink. Here’s the skinny: “Headspace” is what lies between your nose and the top of a drink—the aroma which accounts for most of what we taste. (It’s true: Hold your nose and taste something for proof). To further enhance our taste experience, said mad scientist, Aaron Wisniewski, a former chef and bartender, created a line of edible fragrance to give drinks (and food) a boost.

The Vermont-based company, called Alice & the Magician, offers a dozen edible fragrances ranging from Citrus Blossom Harvest to Perfect Ginger to Autumn Bonfire. Recently, the Liquor.com team experienced the entire line and can attest to the “wow factor” from tasting drinks with and without fragrance. To be sure, the edible fragrance has no taste, but the relationship between scent and flavor can’t be understated. Magic indeed.


Wisniewski said that he and his business partner (who’s also his brother) are looking to expand on their range of fragrances and products as well, noting that Alice & the Magician will eventually offer everything from bitters and elixirs to perfumed air and garnishes. Currently, the available products range from sample sets to professional-sized bottles and custom fragrance is also available. See more at Alice & the Magician.

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