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This Week in Drinksanity! A Car That Can Drink & Drive

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You can finally be excited that beer gives you gas! Well, sort of.

Introducing Brewtroleum, a partnership between two forward-thinking New Zealand brands: DB Export, a brewery, and Gull, an oil company.


The biofuel, a 98-octane blend of ethanol and gasoline (or as the Kiwis would say, petrol), comes to us by way of yeast slurry, an oh-so-appetizingly named byproduct of beer making. This is neither the first biofuel or even the first to use beer byproducts. But, the brand claims, it’s the first to make a boozy biofuel public.


The process is likely more complicated than this friendly infographic lets on, though it does seem fairly straightforward. The brewery waste is distilled down to ethanol, then refined by Gull until reaching the requisite purity, at which point it is blended with gasoline into a (slightly more) sustainable and environmentally sound fuel.

Just how sustainable? That remains to be seen. So far, a test run of just under 80,000 gallons has been produced and is currently available in 64 locations spread out over New Zealand’s northern island.


According to one source, an average driver using Brewtroleum saves about 250kg of CO2 yearly, or roughly the amount used to power a house for a week.

While the brand makes the dubious claim of saving the entire world, the biofuel clearly doesn’t have as much of an impact as, say, an electric car or even a commitment to public transit. It is, however, a step in the right direction. It finds a use for otherwise discardable waste and puts an arguably cleaner product in the pumps.

Considering humanity doesn’t look to be giving up drinking any time soon, who knows? This could be huge.

Locations: New Zealand
Brands: DB Export
Series & Type: Drinksanity

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