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Drinking This Classic Cocktail May Be the Cure For Allergy Season

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Gin & Tonic

Anybody that struggles with allergies knows how hopeless it can feel to endure the endless battle against itchy eyes, stuffy noses and an eternal cough. But a recent study suggests a solution we’re definitely on board with: crafting a Gin & Tonic.

Asthma UK’s study found that clear spirits, like gin and vodka, are relatively low in histamines and sulfites, the common compounds that lead to allergy symptoms. Previously, alcohol had been known to enhance hay fever symptoms, but this is only true if your booze of choice consists of darker, fermented options like red wine and beer.

While the study clarifies that sipping down a Gin & Tonic isn’t going to necessarily cure your allergies, it does offer a social alternative. And we’ll happily drink to that.

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