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The 5 Drinking Blogs You Should Be Reading Now

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Image via Gastronomista

The world wide web of booze is never-ending. Cocktail recipes, spirits reviews, news and think-pieces abound from hundreds of bloggers. But sometimes it’s hard to sort through the glut and find exactly what you need.

Thanks to the impressive DrinkWire bloggers and our insatiable thirst for all things ABV, we can point you in the right direction. Looking for more tequila know-how? No sweat. Want cocktail recipes on the regular? You got it. Check out some of right-now’s best drinks blogs.

For Agave Lovers: Taste Tequila

Image via Taste Tequila

If you’ve got a penchant for south-of-the-border spirits—tequila in particular—look no further than Scarlett and Grover of Taste Tequila. This agave-loving duo can help answer your questions about highland vs. lowland tequilas, the best budget agave nectar and whether or not George Clooney’s tequila is worth all the hype. They even have a free app that will help you find the right bottle. It gives you access to industry news, upcoming events and reviews.

For the New At-Home Bartender: The Drink Blog

The Drink Blog’s Lemon Ouzon Spritz. Image via The Drink Blog

Newly inspired at-home drinkers have their work cut out for them. If you don’t have any bartending experience, it can be a process figuring out how to shake, strain and mix cocktails—and then how to add your own twists to the classic formulas. This recipe-centric blog from writers and imbibers Morgan and Alice is a great place to start experimenting. They feature new drinks on The Drink Blog every few days, with beautiful photography, clear instructions and background on a drink’s inspiration.

For Cocktail Enthusiasts: Tuxedo No. 2

Tuxedo No. 2’s Chartreuse Swizzle. Image via Tuxedo No. 2

Level up from The Drink Blog and you get this sharp-shooting cocktail digest from a pair of redheads named Meredith Kalmes and Chrissy Clark. Each post includes the history of the drink and, of course, the recipe.

For the Lifestyle Guru: Gastronomista

Gastronomista’s Stone Fruit Vodka Old Fashioned. Image via Gastronomista

The boozy lifestyle can, of course, extend beyond making cocktails at home. While Emily Arden Wells of Gastronomista often features delectable-looking drink recipes, she also regularly features new spirits she’s tried and various other liquor-induced exploits, including, most recently, a trip to Sydney, Australia, for the Bacardí Legacy Global Finals. Plus, Wells has her own drinks-inspired shop, where she sells necklaces adorned with the names of your favorite recipes, scarves emblazoned with drink photography and orchid earrings that look good enough to garnish your next tiki experiment.

For Eager Students: The Alcohol Professor

We imagine this is exactly what The Alcohol Professor’s classroom would look like. Image via The Alcohol Professor

“The class you always wanted to take”—that’s a pretty accurate tagline for anyone who started his or her love of great cocktails (or, at least, mediocre mixed drinks) in college. The Alcohol Professor’s classes include everything from cocktail recipes and distillery walk-throughs to beer and wine lectures. Our favorite lesson? Themed vintage liquor ads for everything from American holidays to the Super Bowl.

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