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The Drinker’s Guide to Boardwalk Empire

It’s been four years since alcohol became illegal, and you’re losing control of your bootlegging empire. Who can you trust? Half the coppers are on the take, and the other half are out to get you. And forget about the brotherhood of thieves; your…um…associates are ready to steal everything you’ve got. One false move and it’s all over.

That’s the situation in which Nucky Thompson, played by the talented Steve Buscemi, finds himself in at the beginning of the new season of HBO’s Emmy Award-winning series Boardwalk Empire. (The premiere is this Sunday night at 9 PM Eastern/Pacific.)


We can’t wait to see what kinds of shenanigans Nucky gets into in Atlantic City—we’ve heard there will be a clash with the mayor, as well as potentially lucrative but precarious “opportunities” in Florida—and what business gangster Al Capone will stir up in Chicago.

And when you watch on Sunday, you’ll, of course, need to be drinking something good. In the interest of keeping things historically accurate, we did a little research to figure out what sorts of cocktails people were actually fixing during Prohibition. The truth is you had pretty limited options, and the emphasis was definitely on imbibing quickly so as not to get caught.

So in honor of Boardwalk Empire’s season premiere, try one of these recipes that were really enjoyed during Prohibition—and be sure to toast its repeal!

View our slideshow of Prohibition-era cocktails on Liquor.com now.

(Photo courtesy Macall B. Polay/HBO)

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