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Disneyland To Sell Alcohol For First Time Ever

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From the Darth Mauled Pomegranate Cider to the Qui-Gon Gin-Singer, many Jedi junkies turned bartenders have been inspired by the “Star Wars” franchise. But even with space-themed drinks on the rise, you’ve never lost that itch to visit the notorious Mos Eisley cantina.

Now you won’t have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to get your fix. For the first time in the 63-year history of the establishment (besides at the ultra-exclusive, members-only Club 33,) Disneyland will sell alcoholic beverages. Part of the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge park, Oga’s Cantina will be a place for visitors to “unwind, conduct shady business and maybe even encounter a friend … or a foe,” according to Disney.


Both adults and children are invited to attend the cantina, but the boozy out-of-this-world beverages are strictly for adults. Visitors can expect beverages made with exotic ingredients and served in unusual vessels, as well as musical entertainment provided by no other than StarSpeeder 3000 pilot RX-24 himself.

Unfortunately, the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attraction won’t be completed until 2019, but for now you can make these “Star Wars”–inspired cocktails at home.

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