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Croatia Introduces Its First Underwater Winery

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(image: Lonely Planet)

If you haven’t traveled to Croatia yet, you just might want to book a flight. Croatia now offers wine that you can enjoy fresh from the sea.

The beautiful Edivo Vina winery is located at the bottom of Mali Ston Bay on the Pelješac Peninsula. The wine is stored in clay jugs called amphorae for about two years until the wine is ready to be enjoyed by visitors. This process gives the wine a “pinewood aroma while maintaining all other elements of taste and quality,” says Anto Šegović and Edi Bajurin, the owners of Edivo Vina.


Once this wine is ready for consumption, it’s brought up from the water with algae and shells beautifully surrounding the jug’s casing. If Croatia is your next vacation destination, you can take a dive to check out the winery and a sunken boat nearby in which the bottles are aged.

Want to pretend you traveled and enjoy this wine without leaving your couch? Luckily, you can order a bottle fresh from the sea and straight to your door. You can visit the winery’s website to inquire about getting your own underwater treasure.

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