Could Any Beer Be Worth $20,000?

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Consider yourself a beer connoisseur? A new ale made by BrewDog, Europe’s largest craft brewer, is probably unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

The beer, known as The End of History, marks a momentous occasion in the state of Ohio. Up until August 31, 2016, breweries in the Buckeye State were barred from manufacturing any beer stronger than 12 percent alcohol by volume. To celebrate the end of this Prohibition-style law—and the start of construction on its first North American brewery, in Columbus—BrewDog offers its kookiest beer yet, a new version of its Belgian-style ale that clocks in at a whopping 55 percent ABV, stronger than some distilled spirits.

Its alcohol content certainly isn’t the only thing breaking boundaries. The eyebrow-raising packaging ditches the traditional label, and the super-strong brew comes wrapped in an actual taxidermied squirrel.

Neither the alcohol level nor the quirky packaging are entirely unique: BrewDog released an earlier version of The End of History in 2015 with a crazy $795 price tag. Amazingly, the price is even higher this go-round: It’s only available to shareholders who invest a minimum of $20,000 in the brewery’s Equity for Punks USA scheme.

So if you’re looking to invest a large sum of cash in a Midwestern brewery and absolutely need to get your hands on this beer, you know what you have to do. Those interested can learn more about how to invest here. (If you’re not gunning for the squirrel brew, the minimum investment is a mere $95—practically a bargain, by comparison.)

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  • neminem.4d1ec posted 11 months ago

    Drr, that was a lie, apparently the other one on that site is only open to accredited investors , too. So this is literally *the* one and only offering on any site that's been opened to non-accredited investors. Go them!

  • neminem.4d1ec posted 11 months ago

    I didn't think you could *make* beer that strong just with fermentation, dang. (Apparently I'm right and wrong - I looked it up, I was unaware that applejack was made *only* by fermentation and freezing, with no distillation process, which is neat: this "beer" is made in the same way as applejack, just with beer instead of cider. Neat!)

    Anyway, thanks for letting me know about BankRoll, too - I'm not completely sold on Brewdog specifically, but I have been wishing for a crowdfunding equity site that actually *has* any companies willing to open their doors to non-accredited investors now that they're allowed to, as of a few months ago. Having learned that earlier this year, I'd signed up for one of the bigger sites, that *claimed* they'd have some offerings available to the average person soon, but... haven't seen any yet. BankRoll only has 2 right now (including this one), but that's still 2 more than the other place.

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