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Cool as Ice

If there was ever a time for a ridiculously cold drink, it’s now. And there are still almost six sweltering weeks of summer left to survive. Fortunately, we found four cool tools and devices that will help you fight the heat and humidity.

Cool Shooters ($10):

Anybody can chill their glassware, but how about actually making shot glasses from ice? This ingenious silicone mold produces four sleek shooters (pictured above). Once they’re frozen solid, just pop them out, and you’re ready to serve icy-cold drinks.


Retro Ice Crusher ($49):

While you can certainly crush ice with a powerful blender like an Oster machine, you can also go old-school and use this hand-cranked model. After a few sips of your slushy concoction, you’ll realize that the effort was more than worth it.

Anvil Ice Pick ($51):

If you’re going to get serious about mixology, you’ll need to buy a quality ice pick like this one from Cocktail Kingdom. It’s imported from Japan, and in addition to the heavy-duty pick, there’s a small steel anvil on top of the handle, which is good for cracking and scoring cubes.

Condiments-On-Ice ($25):

Don’t let your beautiful garnishes get cooked by the strong August sun. This handy device features five removable compartments—which each hold 2 cups and are dishwasher-safe—that sit on a cooling bed of ice.

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