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5 Creative Ways to Use Up That Vermouth in Your Kitchen

It’s time to appreciate vermouth’s versatility. Your Martinis and Manhattans, Rob Roys and Gibsons shouldn’t hog all the attention.

If your bottle of sweet or dry vermouth is on its last legs, you might consider an alternative application. The clean, herbal aromatics of dry vermouth make it a natural in pan sauces and dishes using fresh herbs, and richly spiced sweet vermouth delights in jams and desserts.

Give the mixing glass the day off and start stirring vermouth into surprising new dishes.

1. Fig Jam with Rosemary & Vermouth


Your cheese plate just met its ideal mate. This gooey garnet jam contains a small bushel’s worth of fresh figs, which are macerated in sugar and lemon juice. Following a simmer with dry vermouth and rosemary sprigs, the figs melt into sticky herbal spread that’s equally at home slathered on grilled cheese or stirred into cocktails. Get the recipe.

2. Lobster Spaghetti (Santorini-Style)


Need an excuse to splurge on lobster? That near-empty bottle of sweet vermouth might go bad soon. Clearly you need to use that last third of a cup in the most indulgent dinner option possible. Channel the Greek Isles by steaming lobsters and brewing up a buttery sweet vermouth sauce spiced with paprika, cloves and red pepper flakes. Get the recipe.

3. Chicken with Olives, Garlic, Lemon and Potatoes

Paul S. Bartholomew Photography

Feeling thrifty—and perhaps a trifle lazy? This one-pan meal doesn’t judge. Splash your last cup of dry vermouth over a roasting pan stuffed with chicken thighs, green olives, potatoes, lemon wedges and fresh thyme. The botanical aroma of the vermouth melds with the fresh herbs and the wine creates a hands-free pan sauce for spooning over top. Get the recipe.

4. Roasted Banana–Manhattan Cupcakes


Vermouth can satisfy your sweet tooth too. The proof lies in these roasted banana–sour cream cupcakes. Rum spikes the batter and glaze, but the crown of sweet vermouth–laced frosting is what you really came for. The vermouth echoes the caramel notes of the banana and adds a bright herbal quality. Get the recipe.

5. Negroni Poached Pears


Prep your pears for the infusion of a lifetime. You’ve heard of wine-poached pears, right? Take that concept further by simmering peeled Bosc pears in a blend of Campari, gin and sweet vermouth. What emerges from that bitter orange bath? A stunning dessert course of tender spiked fruit, best served with the reserved Negroni syrup and whipped cream. Get the recipe.