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Cocktails in a Capsule? The Future is Here

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It started with your morning java. One touch of a button on your Keurig or Nespresso machine, and a tiny capsule transforms into freshly-brewed coffee.

The next step in capsulated technology? Classic cocktails. A company called Bartesian has developed the world’s first Keurig-style machine that uses pre-mixed, recyclable capsules to create quick cocktails at home.


For some, the appeal is obvious. To make a cocktail, you stock Bartesian’s glass reservoirs with your spirits of choice (up to four at a time), insert a flavor capsule, select your preferred strength—from mocktail to double shot—and press a button. A few seconds later, out pours a Margarita. No shaking, stirring or muddling required. If you prefer to imbibe in a hurry with easy cleanup, this might be the Keurig companion machine you’ve been waiting for.

What else will you find in those mysterious capsules? The Bartesian team claims that each capsule is made with real, premium ingredients like fresh juice concentrates, non-alcoholic liqueurs and bitters. Bartesian’s cocktail developers apparently avoid artificial powders and corn syrup and have attempted to create cocktails that “exactly how your local mixologist would make them.”

If you’re ready to take the leap into capsulated cocktails, you can pre-order on the Kickstarter page to receive a Bartesian machine along with 12 flavor capsules for $299. Whiskey lovers, take note: the company hasn’t developed capsules for whiskey-based cocktails yet (only vodka, gin, rum and tequila), so your speedy Manhattan might just have to wait. For now, the available flavors include three classics like the Cosmopolitan and Sex on the Beach and three signature concoctions, including the Bartesian Breeze, made with fruit juices and coconut water.

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