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Cocktails by the Pitcher

Boat House Punch
Image: / Tim Nusog 

Ask your local sports bar: A pitcher is the easiest way to serve a group. And while the vessel is most commonly used for beer, we see no reason why it can’t also hold cocktails.

A pitcher is the perfect size for an intimate late-summer gathering or if you’re bringing a drink to a Labor Day party next weekend. (Depending on the recipe, a pitcherful will satisfy between four and eight people.)

So, should you be in the mood for a classic, follow advisory board member Dale DeGroff’s formula for tasty Margaritas by the Pitcher. And, of course, there’s Sangria: Try our classic recipe.

Feel like kicking it even more old-school? Fix the historic Garrick Club Punch, which dates to 1835, and is a bubbly, tart and refreshing gin concoction that’s ideal for sipping outdoors.

We’re fans of some modern pitcher recipes, too, including the sweet-and-sour, Champagne-topped Boat House Punch served by advisory board member Julie Reiner at her Brooklyn establishment, Clover Club.