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Your Horoscope in Cocktails: March 2016

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Illustrations: Ariel Dunitz-Johnson

“What’s your sign?” It’s one of the cheesiest and most gag-inducing pickup lines, and chances are you’ve either used it on someone (hopefully jokingly) or been asked the question yourself—and the encounter probably happened at a bar.

There’s something to the question, though. But not in the way you think. If you put your zodiac sign to the test, you may find that the universe is telling you to try something unexpected, like that you should try a gin cocktail instead of whiskey?


They say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, and that’s a pretty fitting analogy for this transitional, sometimes tumultuous, month. With two of the year’s eclipses happening during March, change is in the air. March 8 brings a solar eclipse, aka a new moon, and later in the month, on the 23rd, a lunar eclipse (full moon) brings a dose of certainty to undecided partnerships. (If there’s ever a time to seal a deal, look toward this date.) With all of this change and transition, we’ll all be reaching for a drink and looking for that suitable cocktail.

Here are some ideas of what to drink, based on your sign.


Let’s get the party started, Pisces! With the sun in your sign until March 20, plus a solar and lunar eclipse during the month, the celebration might feel like a whole new New Year’s for you. Change is coming, and while the ride may feel a bit unpredictable, just hang on tight and enjoy. The next six months have a lot in store for you, and the birthday festivities are just the start. Make like the Irish and toast to the wild ride with an Irish Car Bomb—you’ll appreciate the extra shot.

You should be drinking an Irish Car Bomb this month.


Out with the old and in with the new. Birthday season is fast approaching, Aries, and you’re in the mode of moving onward and upward and letting the past go as you move ahead, both literally and figuratively. In between all the housekeeping and purging, allow yourself a little breathing room. Now may be the time to download that meditation app. The solar eclipse and full moon on March 8 bring a solid support system into view, so be sure to lean on your friends—that’s what they’re there for. Buy them a drink while you’re at it: a round of Embarcaderos, perhaps?

You should be drinking a Embarcadero this month.


As usual, you’re the social connector, and in March, the focus will be on togetherness and teamwork, so your network of collaborators and allies is as important as ever. Give to them, and you’ll be rewarded in spades. The supermoon and solar eclipse on March 8 shine in your house of friendships—platonic relationships only, it seems. That doesn’t mean love isn’t in the air, but this time you’ll be the one playing matchmaker. With that in mind, gather your friends for drinks and order something a bit unexpected. In the mood for something a little sweet? One Beggar’s Banquet coming right up!  

You should be drinking Beggar’s Banquet this month.


Ready, set, go: The month of March has a fast start for Geminis, so be prepared. The full moon (a supermoon) and solar eclipse on March 8 bring a unique job opportunity not to be overlooked. While you’re tackling the career front, networking opportunities abound, so keep your calendar filled. Plus, you never know who you’ll meet. Offers are coming in right and left, so keep your eyes open to romantic possibilities along the way. All this movement sounds exhausting, so be sure to leave time for a drink: a classic bourbon cocktail, like the Brown Derby, should do the trick.

You should be drinking a Brown Derby this month.


Pack your bags, Cancer, and say goodbye to your home, at least for a little while. The travel gods are blessing you in a big way this month, and Pisces season represents change, growth and, yes, a great escape. For Cancers, the supermoon and solar eclipse on March 8 represents adventure and a time to make those dreams come true. What more appropriate way to say adios to the cold winter than with a tropical sipper like the Surf and Sand?  

You should be drinking a Surf and Sand this month.


The planetary gods are forecasting love in every direction for lucky Leos, so make the most of it! The solar eclipse and full moon on March 8 represent abundance for your fire sign, and while you’ll benefit, don’t forget to read the fine print before signing the dotted line. Invest in your relationships, both personal and professional, as others are doing the same for you. The heat streak just won’t stop, and a Rub & Rye is just the right cocktail to toast to Leo’s continued shine.

You should be drinking a Rub & Rye this month.


Big changes are in store for Virgos this month with the emphasis on relationships, both at home and at work, and possibly romantic. March 8 brings a supermoon and a solar eclipse, which for Virgos mean money. Yes! You’ve been ready for this reward, and the opportunities are finally flowing in. And to drink? The One-Two Punch, a fizzy, fruity punch with an element of surprise.

You should be drinking a One-Two Punch this month.


Simplify, simplify, simplify. That is the name of the game this month, Libra, with your world slated to get streamlined and organized. Plus, your hard work is paying off, which is evident in a prosperous end of the month. Just be sure to be open to the rewards. With all the spring cleaning you’re doing, it’s wise to leave room too. While the name implies something devilish, Libras are quite the opposite—but will still need a cocktail. The spicy rum Hellfire packs a mean punch.  

You should be drinking a Hellfire this month.


Scorpios are full of surprises in March, and twists and turns are what this month is all about. With two eclipses this month, the focus will be on you (the fame! the attention!) and on your love life. Move cautiously with both: Watch what you say and who you give your affection to. Life’s roller coaster never seems to slow down for you. Expect the unexpected in every way, including what you drink, so order up a smoky Type Eh.

You should be drinking a Type Eh this month.


How are things on the homefront, Sag? The double eclipse this month is signaling change to your home, whether it be an onslaught of travel and time away or a possible move, sale or lease signing. Whether you’re decorating or domesticating, activity surrounds you all month. You can handle it, of course, and a drink or two never hurt. This month, try a Beelzebub, a bittersweet bourbon cocktail with a bite to it.

You should be drinking a Beelzebub this month.


It’s time to come out of hibernation, Capricorn. Your social life is beckoning. Now’s the time to start planning travel and, of course, tapping into the career channels that rule this hardworking sign. With the solar eclipse and supermoon in early March comes a surge in communication, so listen up! Your ability to convey ideas has always been a strong suit, and now more than ever those around you are listening. Perhaps take the conversation to your favorite watering hole, and order a fizzy, sweet Bourbon Lift.

You should be drinking a Bourbon Lift this month.


Money and career move to the top of your priority list this month—perhaps after a month of birthday celebrating—and now is the time to shift your focus to the most practical matters. Whether it’s updating your résumé, getting your tax materials together or networking within your industry, money matters are at the forefront of your month. The supermoon and solar eclipse on March 8 might bring news on the career front (a new job? a promotion? a moneymaking opportunity?), so you should be ready for whatever comes your way. Buckle up, it’s going to be an interesting ride. And to drink? Opt for something with a bit of a bite, like a Hobnail.

You should be drinking a Hobnail this month.

Series & Type: Horoscope

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