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Chocolate Beats Codeine for Stopping Coughs


According to news from Good Housekeeping, the best cure for a cough may actually be chocolate.


Studies performed at the Imperial College of London revealed that a cocoa alkaloid suppressed the urge to cough better than codeine, a highly addictive opiate drug. And research at University of Hull found that a new cocoa-based drug was better at relieving coughs than other over-the-counter cough syrups.

Developed by British researchers, the medicine — called Unicough — features “a thick demulcent which in the buccal cavity forms a soothing film over the mucous membrane.” In plain English, chocolate relieves irritation of the tissues in your mouth and throat, helping suppress that nagging urge to cough.

It’s available in U.K. pharmacies now, although there’s no word on when this medical breakthrough will make the leap to the United States. If you’d like to test the theory in the meantime, here are a few chocolate-kissed drinks to help soothe your scratchy throat:

Cacao Old Fashioned
Spiced Chocolate Cocktail
Chocomole Cocktail
I Left My Heart in Jalisco
Bailey’s Velvet Mocha
Cocoa Loco
Boozy Hot Chocolate Variations


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