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These Chocolate Easter Eggs Have a Full Bottle of Gin Inside

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While your childhood Easter morning might have been full of chocolate bunnies and jelly beans, most of us won’t have an April 21 full of indulgent treats this year. A Manchester chocolate shop wants to change that.

The chocolatier Slattery’s has teamed up with distiller Zymurgorium to craft chocolate Easter eggs with a full bottle of gin inside. And it’s not just one bottle—customers can choose between the Realm of the Unicorn, a sparkling pink gin flavored with toasted marshmallows, or the Glangingo, a pink gin flavored with mango, passion fruit, allspice and ginger.

Each 500-milliliter bottle is coated in a milk chocolate shell, then given a layer of edible shimmer. The unicorn egg is available for $65, while the flamingo egg goes for $78.

Unfortunately, they’ll only be available in very limited quantities from Slattery’s or the U.K. store Selfridges.

The Brits always make the best stuff.

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