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Vodka Made From Contaminated Grain From the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Exists

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We should have seen this coming. On the heels of the success of HBO’s hit show “Chernobyl,” scientists working in the area have developed a vodka made from grain and water from the contaminated exclusion zone. 

The team of researchers, who have been studying the exclusion zone and its recovery from the 1986 accident, formed The Chernobyl Spirit Company to sell their product. Only one bottle has been created so far, but it was recently put to the test at Bar Swift in London. “It’s more of a grain spirit than a vodka, so it has much more fruity notes; you can still taste the rye,” bartender Sam Armeye told the BBC.


Professor James Smith, an environmental scientist from the University of Portsmouth, also reassured the news outlet that the vodka was indeed safe to drink. “This is no more radioactive than any other vodka,” he told the BBC. 

The company plans to use the sale of the vodka to provide support to communities around the exclusion zone. This is the first consumer product to come from the area around the damaged nuclear power plant, according to the BBC.

The team said they hope to produce 500 bottles of the spirit this year, selling it initially to tourists who visit the exclusion zone.

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