This Device for Rapid Aging is Changing the Booze Game

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A “chemical reactor” sounds like something you’d find in a mad scientist’s laboratory or a science fiction movie.

Bryan Davis of the California booze company Lost Spirits, however, has spent the last five years building such a device to manipulate the best kind of chemical: alcohol. The device, dubbed simply “Model I,” is a small chemical reactor that speeds up the barrel aging process, making it possible to create a spirit nearly identical to a 20-year-old barrel-aged product in just six days.

Lost Spirits is both a distillery and engineering company that experiments with alcohol. According to a press release, “the Lost Spirits method is the first to accomplish a near identical chemical signature to a similar product aged conventionally for decades.”

More than five years of research has gone into the development of the new technology, none of which was made public until the company announced its breakthrough at the American Distilling Institute Conference on April 1. Lost Spirits also published its research online, and will be distributing the device to five distilleries this summer for testing.

With successful testing of the product, Bryan Davis confidently warns, “The new technology will allow us to reshape the industry. As a consequence, expect prices to fall and quality to rise dramatically.”

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  • jsavell posted 2 years ago

    One day we will add a "flavor packet" to a bottle of vodka and duplicate any spirit we wish. It will be difficult to charge $100 for one microgram of flavor. The romance of fine spirits will be gone.

  • bsndscrn posted 2 years ago

    Ummm take a look into Cleveland Whiskey...been doing it for years

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