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The Champagne Ice Cubes Your Mimosa Needs

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This is one of those brilliant hacks we wish we’d thought of first. We’re big fans of fruit ice cubes, floral ice cubes and ice cubes made out of cocktail ingredients, but we’d never considered the possibilities of freezing Champagne or prosecco. Simply pour leftover bubbly into an ice cube tray and pop it in the freezer overnight (or for six to eight hours), and you’re one step closer to your next sparkling cocktail.

Not only does this genius hack make it easy to create Mimosas, Bellinis and other Champagne cocktails on the spur of the moment, but it’s a great way to cool off Spritzeshighballs or any other drink where the crisp flavor of bubbly would be welcome.

Because of their alcohol content, these cubes will freeze a little less solid than those made out of pure water, but we think you’ll agree: Champagne tastes way better than water in almost any drink.

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