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5 Champagne-Infused Desserts for Your New Year’s Party

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No New Year’s shindig is complete without a bottle of bubbly.

Once your glass is filled, pour that sparkling elixir into your holiday desserts, from creamy custards to eye-catching cake rolls.


1. Champagne Mug Cake

Guests are on their way over and you need a quick dessert. Your new best friend? The microwavable mug cake, served in a Champagne flute for funky New Year’s flair. Sure, it’s a bit of a last-minute hack, but you can’t deny the appeal of a Champagne-based dessert made with a handful of pantry ingredients that takes only one minute to cook. Get the recipe.

2. Blood Orange Champagne Crème Brûlée

Turn up the volume of classic crème brûlée with the addition of winter citrus and sparkling wine. A caramelized slice of blood orange bleeds into the surface of this Champagne-spiked custard that will undoubtedly be a most-requested recipe. Get the recipe.

3. Champagne Chantilly Shooters

It’s tough to feel anything but fancy when serving these mini shots rimmed with sparkling sugar. The rich pastry cream base bubbles over with Champagne flavor and a crown of Chantilly cream completes the festive look. Get the recipe.

4. Champagne Cake Roll with White Chocolate

Color your guests impressed when you wheel out this sharply-dressed cake stacked with Champagne flavor. Champagne laces each element—from the sponge cake to the syrup to the buttercream—and the rich white chocolate ganache filling is a natural complement. Get the recipe.

5. Almond Champagne Poached Pears with Almond Whipped Cream

Elegant? Check. Simple? Double check. That’s the beauty of these poached pears, cooked in a fragrant blend of almond Champagne, vanilla sugar and almond extract. Serve these plump beauties in a coupe with plenty of the poaching liquid and whipped cream on the side. Get the recipe.

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