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How to Put Chai in Your Cocktails for Maximum Deliciousness

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Oh, did you think chai was just for mornings? Not on our watch. With notes of cinnamon, ginger and cloves, chai can bring a nice warming touch to your cocktails for the remainder of the winter months. Whether you like your drinks hot or cold, spicy or sweet, simple or complex, this iconic tea will give you whatever you need. Sit in front of the fireplace and let this flavor enhance your night (or boost your mornings—we won’t tell).

1. Chai Tea Cocktail

image: theglitterguide.com


Sometimes simple is the key, and the Chai Tea Cocktail shows you how it’s done. With just vanilla almond milk, chai concentrate and some maple-infused whiskey, this cocktail brings everything we love to warm us up during the colder months. Easy to make and (really) easy to drink with easy ingredients, this drink should definitely end up on your winter cocktail list. Get the recipe.

2. Chai Hot Toddy

image: brit.co

Chai was made for hot drinks, so why not add some booze in the mix? Get your pot of boiling water going while you grab your tea bags, sugar, honey, milk and spiced rum for a rich, creamy and flavorful drink to carry you over until spring. Get the recipe.

3. Almond Milk Chai

image: rhubarbarians.com

Milk, dark booze, spices—are we sensing a trend here? Made in a French press (or a mug if you don’t have one), this easy-to-make cocktail is a creamy drink with touches of almond and citrus. This may be the new morning cocktail that you need to have—on weekends, of course. Get the recipe.

4. Sweet + Spicy Thai Tea Cocktail

image: helloglow.co

For the lazy ones among us, rejoice—this is a simple one. With just three ingredients, this cocktail will be done by the time you’d finish making a regular cup of tea. Soak some of the chai bags in hot apple cider vinegar, slip in a healthy dose of gold or dark rum, and slap on an orange garnish, and you’re done. Perfect for those Sundays when you want to get a buzz on but don’t want to put in any effort. Get the recipe.

5. Dishing Up the Dirty Chai

Image: dishingupthedirt.com

Saving the most complex for last, do you have any medjool dates by chance? This cocktail may require an extra trip to Whole Foods, but once you get grab your dates, cashew butter, almond milk and vanilla, it’ll be worth it. Chai gives a great spicy touch, and Irish whiskey rounds out the rest with a smooth, boozy touch. Get the recipe.

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