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6 Times the Cast of Friends Got Totally Sauced

Our favorite drunk Friends moment? Ross and Rachel’s Vegas wedding, of course.

Remember that time Ross and Rachel got married in Vegas? Or when Monica had a little too much at her 30th birthday party? Yeah… we do too. The Friends gang liked the sauce.

There’s rarely been a cast as fun-loving and dynamic that got into so many drunken shenanigans as Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey. The best part is that most of their antics are highly relatable (except, maybe, the Vegas wedding—but then again, anything’s possible).


Relive those moments over and over (and over and over) with our handy guide to the best drinking moments on Friends. Check it out and let us know: What’s your favorite drunken Friends scene?


1. Monica indulges and makes a bit of a scene at her birthday party. Sing it: It’s her party, she can drink if she wants to.

2. Ross makes an awkward toast to his date, Joey and Rachel.

3. Ross and Rachel get drunk, play cards and get married in Vegas.

4. High school Monica and Rachel get drunk at a college party.

5. Phoebe tells Ross that “divorce is [his] thing” and then…

6. Chandler finds out Kathy is cheating and he self medicates.

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