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Carrot Craft Beer is The New Way to Get Your Vitamins

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Ever heard the unlikely tale of the Australian craft brewer and carrot farmer?

It all started when Wade Curtis of Queensland’s Four Hearts Brewing visited Richard Gorman’s Scenic Rim–based farm. Inspired by the success of other beers brewed with vegetables like pumpkins and beets, Curtis turned his eye to local carrots, which also contain natural sugars that can be converted into alcohol. Proving to be a worthwhile partner for beer, Curtis developed a new offering called Wabbit Season.


As a farmer, Gorman appreciates the idea of turning wasted produce into a useful product. The humble juicing carrot doesn’t always sell well, which leads to a great deal of leftover vegetables languishing in the farm’s waste bin. 200 liters of Gorman’s pasteurized carrot juice went into the first 1,200 liter brew of Wabbit Season, resulting in a beer containing 16 percent carrot juice, wheat and barley malt, as well as a small amount of hops and pepper.

And the color? A very bold, bright orange. Plus, you’ll likely get a dose of daily vitamins just from drinking a glass. With a distinct earthy carrot flavor, Wabbit Season is a welcome brew for vegetable lovers looking to satisfy their root veggie and craft brew craving in one go.

For now, the brightly-hued brew is only available at the Four Hearts Brewing Pumpyard in Ipswich, Queensland, and at small bars in the area, so start booking those plane tickets to Australia now.

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