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Would You Wash Your Hair with Beer?

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We love ourselves a good, ice-cold shower beer. But what about those times when sipping a cold brew in the bath isn’t enough? Enter Carlsberg’s new line of beauty products.

Conceived in partnership with Danish cosmetics producer Urtegaarden, the line includes shampoo, conditioner and body lotion. While the beer company says the brand is specifically for men, these formulas are just as good for a lady’s mane.


Each shower essential is made from actual beer that’s freeze-dried into powder form and combined with other organic ingredients. The barley, hops and yeast in beer naturally contains Vitamin B and silicium, which supposedly give both hair and skin a natural luster. The press release notes that “each product in the Beer Beauty series contains 0.5 litres of real Carlsberg beer.” That’s nothing to sneeze at.

Want to add Carlsberg’s sudsy essentials to your morning routine? The line is temporarily sold out, but keep an eye on the brand’s website until it’s restocked. Check out more boozy beauty products—from perfume to bath soaks and handwash—in our slideshow.

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