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Cannabis Wine Is Now Available In California

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Rebel Coast Winery

Cannabis has been popping up in cocktails in places where it’s legal (and not) for some time now. Now, with more states poised to make the recreational drug legal in 2018, you could soon get your hands on some weed-infused wine.

Rebel Coast Winery announced it will begin distribution of the company’s THC-infused sauvignon blanc in California in 2018. The wine is actually alcohol-free, but each bottle has four milligrams of THC per serving and on average affects consumers in under 15 minutes.


The Sonoma winery plans to release a cannabis-infused rosé and Champagne later in the year, as well as a line of cannabidiol-infused wines with medicinal benefits but no psychotropic effects. The company also said it hopes to expand into additional states with recreational cannabis allowances later in 2018.

Consumers 21 and older in California can pre-order a bottle for $60 on the Rebel Coast site.

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