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Valentine’s Day Plan: Put the Candy in Your Cocktail

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Ingredients in the Candycane at Minneapolis' Marvel Bar

We all know that candy is a traditional Valentine’s Day gift. But this year, bartenders are giving us all a gift by adding candy to cocktails in a most grown-up way. From drinks topped with a cloud of fluffy cotton candy to chocolate bars as delectable garnish, these are five drinks in bars to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Can’t make it to any of the bars serving these great candy cocktails drinks? Try making the Marzipan Old Fashioned from this list at home.


1. Otto’s 1923 (The Living Room, Park Hyatt New York)

The Otto’s 1923 is a cocktail named to pay tribute to the candy bar’s origins; it was created in 1923 in Chicago by Otto Schnering. The cocktail features Johnnie Walker Black Label scotch, Kahlúa coffee liqueur, a touch of Cynar artichoke liqueur and a spoonful of peanut butter and is served on the rocks with a Butterfinger garnish.

2. Good Conversation (Datz, Tampa)

You know those conversation heart candies with sayings printed on them? Here, a handful of them are dropped into this fizzy drink, similar to the effect of sugar cubes in a classic Champagne cocktail. Vanilla vodka, Pavan liqueur and Fee Brothers plum bitters are topped with a generous pour of bubbly rosé.

3. Private Eye (Honor Amongst Thieves, Phoenix)

This speakeasy-style bar opened in June 2016, above gastropub Stock & Stable. There, bar manager Lyndsi Hastings-Mundy has created this gin-soaked fantasy, made with St. George Terroir gin, The Perfect Purée black currant puree, lemon juice and Champagne and topped with a giant cloud of pink cotton candy.

4. Candycane (Marvel Bar, Minneapolis)

“It’s a Daiquiri—it’s meant to be fun,” says general manager Peder Schweigert. And what’s more fun than a drink made with candy? Schweigert combines colorful Jolly Ranchers and Cruzan aged light rum in a Vitamix. Depending on which flavors are in the mix, each batch looks and tastes just a little bit different.

5. Marzipan Old Fashioned (Casa Neta, New York City)

(image: Jessie Gibson)

Beverage director Cody Pruitt melts De La Rosa peanut marzipan candies into a marzipan syrup to sweeten this mezcal– and tequila-based Old Fashioned. “The candies were brought in by one of our chefs who’s from Mexico,” says Pruitt. “He said he ate them growing up and his kids love them now. Melting them down into a syrup provided the perfect sweet, floral and nutty notes.” A touch of oloroso sherry echoes the nutty flavors from the peanut-studded candy.

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