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Can Dos Equis Replace the Most Interesting Man?

We don’t always report on beer commercials, but when we do …

A few months ago, the beer-loving world mourned the end of an era, as Dos Equis announced it was parting ways with Jonathan Goldsmith, the silver fox who launched a thousand memes as the beer brand’s Most Interesting Man in the World spokeman. A long-form video—half homage, half farewell—showed The Most Interesting Man in the World blasting off to Mars, nevermore to be seen again on Earth.


Today, Dos Equis introduces The Most Interesting Man’s successor. And (perhaps not surprisingly) the latest incarnation, played by European actor Augustin Legrand, looks suspiciously like a younger version of his predecessor, complete with a lion-like mane, furrowed brow and salt-and-pepper beard. In his debut appearance, we see him chased down a back alley in a linen suit while clutching a fez-wearing piglet, accompanied by a leggy blond in a sparkly evening dress. He karate-chops a coconut, husk and all. He spelunks in an abandoned amusement-park ride, carrying a burning torch. He dives into a deep well to rescue … a soccer ball. And then he’s seen removing his space helmet as he emerges from a rocket ship—a nod to the old Man’s departure.

“The new Most Interesting Man is a man of our times,” states the company’s press release. “And in this first glimpse, he shares hints of being a resourceful rough-and-tumble guy who remains a jack-of-all-trades hero that one would expect from the man bearing this infamous title.”

Industry journal AdWeek shares in the skepticism of many Dos Equis customers who vocally protested the former Man’s retirement. In the video, the story notes, “the bartender [asks] Legrand literally if he’s as interesting as his predecessor. Dos Equis is no doubt, deep down, wondering the same thing.”

Dos Equis plans to release a full-length commercial in October highlighting more of the new Man’s exploits. In a bid to appeal to millennial consumers, the campaign will also include Snapchat stories and tie-ins to College Football Game Day.

It remains to be seen whether Goldsmith’s version of The Man was actually an irreplaceable icon or whether the millions of fans who vocally protested his ouster will warm to the replacement model. In the meantime, stay thirsty.


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